The more we conferred with creative minds, the more we sensed that something was missing. A fourth dimension that, while seldom addressed specifically in the metals market, can boost a creation to a whole new level: texture.

Of course, certain surface treatments, such as galvanising or powder coating, have long been part of the services we offer. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. One of the things that impassions us about metal is its versatility, and when we sensed that artists craved an even more unique look, we knew that we could deliver a range of surface treatments that could transform any metal creation into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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Drawing inspiration from traditional artisanal techniques, the creative desires of the artists who spoke to us, and nature itself, we dove into the world of artisanal surface treatments. Adding depth to an otherwise flat surface, creating random structures and subtle nuances in texture, working with natural elements and the variability of meteorological conditions, we began creating metal surfaces that are truly unique and cannot be reproduced. These are no standard die-cut, machine-stamped patterns, but veritable works of art in and of themselves. Echoing the grain of wood, the subtle bulges and dips in stone, the ribs in a leaf, you name it, we’ve created metal surfaces that are warm and organic, and which are guaranteed to change the entire look of your creation.

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Our craftsmen can forge your unique creation to suit the specific style and look you are going for.

All of our artisanal surface treatments are done using sustainable techniques and can be applied in advance or in situ by our team of highly skilled experts. These craftsmen, who have years of experience working with metal, can forge your unique creation to suit the specific style and look you are going for. They can design a product suitable for indoor or outdoor use, while keeping maintenance costs as low as possible. Our exclusive line of artisanal surface treatments are sure to add the perfect finishing touch to any project.

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